Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Born 5-20-2019

Only 1 male pictured below still available from this litter.

Last pup in the litter, but still a very nice boy, reduced to help get him into a home of his own



Born 6-21-2019
Only 2 males available in this litter.

Nice evenly marked pup, lots of black.



Nice evenly marked pup, lots of black.




New Litter
Born 7-15-2019





Last male pup





Cody, Granddaddy to 'em all!
Cody lived to the ripe old age of 14 and sired countless pups. 
I had to drive all the way to Louisanna to find an unrelated male, everything in our area was a descendant of his!
He was the epitome of the breed, bold, courageous, fun loving and full of spunk.  He thought he owned the world. 
I still miss him. 

Next Generation, my new boys.


Some of the girls.



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