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Cody is our very first champion.  The day he became a champ was a day 
of several "firsts."   It was at APRI's first ever dog show, and it was my 
first attempt at showing!  We are very proud of our boy!

Update 2-22-2020
At it again, today we finished 2 champions, Bearded Collie and Wire Fox Terrier


For more information about APRI follow the link below.

America's Pet Registry

To Gabriela and Bailey
who just earned  his
Companion AND therapy
dog titles!

Hi Marilyn, 
   Aila and I spent last weekend at my sister's hobby farm in Detroit Lakes MN. We got a blizzard!!!! Aila and Becky's Beardie, Molly, loved the snow and played soccer in it! Here is a picture of Aila before making a goal! She loves her soccer ball and is an excellent traveler! We've just completed 6 weeks of training and we start our Canine Good Citizen class this Sunday. We are also working on the calming exercises in "Control Unleashed" and Aila has a Mutt Mat that I am training her to go to, to calm herself.  She is a brilliant girl and we all adore her!
Kind regards,
Laurie and Aila

Dogs are such versatile creatures!  No matter where we live or what
we enjoy doing, they are always happy to be right there with us!

Luna love's playing in the snow, way up north in Alaska


Hi Marilyn
Luna is doing great!!! We love her so much couldn't ask for a better dog she is very smart obedient and very playful. We actually just yesterday taught her to roll over. So now she can sit, lay down, stay and roll over. She did great on the trip we had a few layovers so we were able to let her outside and stretch her legs but she did great traveling. She LOVED the snow and hikes which is great. Now spring is here and summer soon. Thank you again and to be honest we couldn't have chosen a better dog for me and Kiley. Well here are a couple of photos of Luna that were taken a few weeks ago.

While Fluffy basks in the sun shine in Brazil.

Favorite Books

While it probably was not intended  to be a book on training, 
"Your Pet Isn't Sick"
By Herbert Tanzer D.V.M.
is a wonderful and entertaining look into how we influence strange 
behaviors in our pets.

Favorite Web Site

One of the neatest things about raising dogs is that no matter how long
You raise them, you can always learn something new.  And one of the best
places to learn is a very special web site just for dog breeders.


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