Standard Schnauzers

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3 Males     2 females

Born 5-22-22

             3  Males             


2 Females





 I think at times when I tell people that Standard Schnauzers are extremely intelligent, they really don't realize I'm not just giving them a sales pitch, these guys are really SMART!
I'd like to share a story with you as told to me over the phone by one of my customers.

Customer, we will call him John, purchased a really nice female pup from me when she was about 9 weeks old, we will call her Sally.  John and Sally got off to a bit of a rocky start.  Like most Standards, she was skeptical and leery of strangers and didn't even want to come out of her crate when John got her home.   Finally out of her crate, she spent the next couple hours sitting in the middle of John's yard glaring at him.   Eventually she came to accept her fate,
 ( I suspect she just got hungry and he offered her food.) 
But at any rate, over the next few days the bond grew and soon they were inseparable.  She went with him every where he went and slept at his feet whenever he sat down.  One day she was playing with her favorite toy, a tennis ball in the living room and theball rolled under the couch.  It was a low to the floor couch, and Sally worked long and hard trying to get her ball back.  Eventually she did get it back and went on playing with it, but it wasn't long until it rolled back under the couch.  This time John tookpity on her, he got up, went to the closet and got a broom out, and got the ball out for her.   Happy again, she went back to playing with her ball.   Of course, it wasn't long before back under the couch it went.  This time however, Sally took a different approach to getting her ball back.  She went to John, sat right in front of him, barked once, got up, walked to the closet and turned around so she could look at him, than sat down and barked again.  And sat right there until he got up, got the broom and retrieved her ball for her. 
Now we are not talking about a mature dog, this was a puppy that was 10-11 weeks old at the time she figured this out.   Really, that is one smart dog!  It's not a sales pitch, they really are that smart. 

And if that doesn't convince you.......

Typical of many dogs my Standard T'Pel is upset by loud noise, thunder and gunshots, but she has an odd fetish of hating the sound of fingernails being clipped.  Any time a storm starts or I declare war on those dang apple stealing squirrels she runs and hides in the bedroom under my bed.  (No way clicker training would ever work on this dog!)  So one day I was sitting on the couch and needed to trim a broken nail, so I started searching on my end table for the nail clippers. Hubby asked me what I was looking for, so since I knew she probably knew the word, I spelled out N A I L  C L I P P E R S.  Much to my surprise, she jumped up and ran for the bedroom!



Leon                                                  Inka

Leon and Inka came to me by way of Hungaria.  My first attempt at importing dogs, and I have to say, it was an excellent decision on my part.  Both dogs
were of exceptional quality, and very healthy and hardy.  Like most Standards, they were extremely intelligent and a joy to work with. 


Leon's pedigree, Both his sire and dam
are champions. 


Ike and Inka pedigree


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