Micro chipping now Available
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This includes the chip, implanting, and the registration of your chip, all you have to do is fill out a form and mail it in, no yearly fees, but you must register your chip. 

Micro chipping is the safest and best way to permanently identify your dog.  Collars can become lost, tattoo's can fade and become unreadable, but a micro chip is always going to remain safely in your dog. 

The chip is not much bigger than a grain of rice.  It is implanted just under the skin, at the back of the neck, just over the shoulder blades.  It is inserted with a needle, just like giving your puppy a vaccination.  It is inert, and does not contain a power source, but is readable with any chip universal reader.   

We use 24PetWatch for registering our micro chips.

Simple Instructions for our puppy customers

When you receive your pup, whether you pick it up here at the kennel or have it shipped to you, you will receive a form in triplicate to be filled and and sent in to Petwatch.  There is even a postage paid envelope provided to mail it in.  One copy is to be mailed in to PetWatch, one is for your records, and one is to be mailed to me, however, I generally add the chip number into my litter records, so it is not necessary for you to mail me a copy.  You will also receive a set of stickers that you peal and stick on the triplicates.  I usually put a sticker on your registration papers whenever they are available at the time the pup is chipped.  I also strongly advise my customers to also put one of the stickers in a place other than where you keep your dog's paperwork.  So many folks put the papers in a drawer and over the years forget where they put them.  Keep that extra sticker in an address book or something that you will always have handy in the event you need that chip number.  There is also a plastic tag provided for your dog's collar that has the chip number on it also.  Just fill out the form, send it in, save those stickers, and you are good to go!


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